"Webwinkel Vakdagen brings together supply and demand from the online shopping industry"

The Webwinkel Vakdagen has grown into an indispensable event for everyone holding online shopping in the Netherlands and Belgium dear. Copernica - supplier of email marketing software - has been an exhibitor, sponsor or ambassador at the fair for ten years. CEO Michael Linthorst: "For us, the event has become a place where we can meet our network."

In 2019, Webwinkel Vakdagen (WWV) was again more extensive and diverse than the previous edition. The lecture programme in particular stood out, according to Linthorst. He saw the WWV grow into an event where everyone from the web shop sector wants to be present. "I've also noticed that over the last couple of years, a stand has become part of a broader approach to generate leads. Many exhibitors choose to participate in the lecture programme in addition to a stand."

Michael Linthorst

From small player to major exhibitor

In the ten years that Copernica has participated in Webwinkel Vakdagen, the company has grown from a small company with a stand to an IT supplier of which several partners have become major exhibitors. "We've gone from 'are you familiar with Copernica' - obviously we already knew the answer - to a company that is no longer an unknown player partly because of the WWV." Despite it being the tenth anniversary of the WWV, the message of explaining the possibilities of proprietary software has remained unchanged. At the 2019 edition, the supplier highlighted its own Marketing Suite, among other things.

Emphasis on email marketing automation

A few years ago, Copernica received the question from trade fair organiser OGZ whether the company would like to present quality lectures for a theme room about email marketing. "That was a real honour as well as a great opportunity for Copernica and its network of partners to share experiences and lessons learned with the audience." As far as Linthorst was concerned, the focus in 2019 was on email marketing automation, technology that is making huge strides. "Companies are getting better at combining various databases into a single source and then making the next step of personalising emails to customers. Where email marketing in the past often consisted of general newsletters, it is now possible to send fully automated emails with personalised content. The technology is no longer just available to large companies; other online stores have embraced the software as well.”

‘How users experience emails’

Despite the various possibilities in the field of email marketing, the subject does require dedication from users. "We try to make using our software as easy as possible, but setting up a marketing campaign remains something that senders need to think about carefully. The degree of 'getting into the right inbox' is still very important. In addition, sender must constantly ask themselves how the recipient experiences the quality of their mailbox. Just sending something is not advisable, it can undermine your reputation.”

For Copernica, the WWV not only offers many new relations, but is also a good opportunity to keep in touch with existing relations. Part of them attend the Webwinkel Vakdagen. Linthorst: "In the weeks leading up to the event, we invite relevant contacts to visit our stand. It is important for us to talk to our users and relations on a regular basis, so that we can gauge their needs and find out what else we can do for each other. That always works out well at the WWV”

Tips for WWV visitors to get started

In the ten years that Copernica has been part of the WWV, the fair has become a place where supply and demand in the home shopping industry meet, according to the Copernica CEO. "A visit to the WWV will give you a lot of inspiration, interesting suppliers and concrete tips to get started. There is an impressive range of lectures, but the absolute added value of the event is that supply and demand from the web store industry come together.”

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