The optimal last-mile delivery service
Budbee is a ‘tech’ company which offers a modern last-mile service specialized for e-commerce. Having become market leader in Sweden, we scaled up and crossed the Swedish borders with help from our investors H&M and Kinnevik (co-owner of Zalando). Meanwhile, our same-day and next-day delivery service has become available to about 25 million people in Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark and Finland.

Maximize your webshop
Budbee understands that the customer journey doesn’t end at the checkout. As a ‘tech’ company we are fast and flexible. Our development team can respond directly to your customers’ feedback and always helps to improve your customer journey. As a delivery partner, we ensure that receiving the purchase contributes to your customers’ satisfaction.

Since 2017 we’ve delivered over 4 million parcels with an average consumer rating of 4,8 and 98% successful deliveries on the first attempt. Evaluations of our partnerships have shown that working with Budbee leads to a decrease in customer service claims, while it leads to an increase in conversion-rates, repurchase rates, as well as AOV! Do you want to make use of this? Sign up here!

Where, how and when the consumer prefers
Hassle-free home delivery on the consumer’s terms. That’s what we’re all about. Hence, Budbee delivers when the consumer actually is home - in the evenings. Additionally, our service is entirely personalizable

Your customer chooses exactly when we come and how we’ll deliver their order, and they’re able to track their delivery in real-time on a map! We also keep every consumer up to date with convenient text-messages! In this way, Budbee doesn’t only deliver your customer’s purchases, but also time for what really matters: life.

Budbee invests in sustainability - our efforts focus on  investing in the first energy self-sufficient terminal, electric vehicles, and bicycles. Our CO2 emissions have been climate compensated from the very first Budbee-delivery and we make sure that no car is out there driving any unnecessary miles by keeping our routes optimized with our algorithm, which is at the core of our business.

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