Start-up, scale-up, SME, corporate: whatever phase you are in as an entrepreneur, your company will get all the space it needs to grow within the offices of Flexizone. Surrounded by creative entrepreneurs and the possibility to combine your office with storage space or a workshop, Flexizone is the place to be for your next step.


A warehouse for your web shop at the same location as your office? A storage space right next to your workshop, where you can easily access all your materials? All our locations have storage space you can rent in combination with our offices and workshops. The perfect base for your business!


Who says that dreamers are not doers? Build your business in a workshop at one of the Flexizone locations. Not shoved away in some factory hall, but between other daredevils and makers. Whatever you want to realize, you can do it in the workshops of Flexizone. Ideal to combine with a storage space! 


 +31(0)851050733 or info@flexizone.nl

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