PANGAEA Digital Agency

PANGAEA Digital Agency

PANGAEA's goal is to make your B2C or B2B business successful on the Internet.

This success is based on three pillars, Strategy, Marketing and Technology. Only when all three pillars are in place you can become and stay successful.

We determine the Digital Strategy together. How and with what can you be successful. What are the opportunities and what is needed to make maximum use of them. We create a digital business model for your digital ambitions so that it is predictable what you will earn online.

With the Marketing pillar, we make sure that you can be found by your target audience on Google, Instagram and Facebook, that you put a catchy message there so that your prospects click and go to your website. On the website we make sure that the first impression is good, and that there is a logical flow through the website that makes it so easy for your visitor to order.

The third pillar is Technology, which ensures that your e-commerce platform is seamlessly connected to your ERP system, such as Exact Globe or Exact Online, and that you can scale it up.

Part of technology is that your debtors, articles, price lists and mandates are integrated one on one with the e-commerce platform. You don't have to worry about that anymore so you can focus on what's really important for your customers, namely providing added value.

Come to our stand or visit our website: and start today with your success on the Internet.