Exposanten aan het woord: Jurjen Jongejan van ISM eCompany

“We get a lot of customers out of Webwinkel Vakdagen every year.”

It is not always easy to find the right mix between online and offline campaigns within the e-commerce industry. Jurjen Jongejan, Online Marketing Director at ISM Ecompany, has found a good solution to this problem: the Webwinkel Vakdagen.

If you ask Jongejan why he participates in the trade fair, he says: "That's simple: we get a lot of customers from the Webwinkel Vakdagen every year." Want to know how they do it? Then by all means read on.

What Jurjen Jongejan of ISM eCompany has to say

Since 1992, ISM eCompany has been combining marketing with technology. This ranges from "developing a future-proof and distinctive digital strategy and setting up product information management systems to building Magento web shops and online marketing.”

Or as Jongejan puts it succinctly: "We help clients, big and small, with their strategy, we build their web shop, we do their online marketing and we take care of design and creation of their house style.”

Increasing number of diverse visitors

The tremendous increase in the number of visitors over the years - the last edition saw 13,643 of them - is matched by the increased diversity of sectors within the e-commerce industry. Not only web shops, but also suppliers, retailers and wholesalers attend the fair. Everyone who is anyone in digital commerce comes to the WWV.

That is also the reason why ISM keeps coming back, because their target group consists of "brands, wholesalers and retailers in the middle and upper segment of the market. Our services are tailored to this and therefore provide a welcome addition.”

The whole industry present at the WWV

ISM has been participating since the early days of the Webwinkel Vakdagen. ISM is a company that doesn't sit around waiting for customers to come in. It has an active marketing strategy: "We became familiar with the Webwinkel Vakdagen by visiting our customers. The fair was able to facilitate us in this, which is how we came into contact with each other.”

Jongejan has seen the Webwinkel Vakdagen grow from a trade fair for local web shops to the leading e-commerce event in the Benelux. ISM has been an ambassador for several years now and Jongejan still sees the importance of participating in the WWV every year: "The fair is a very special two-day event where we can talk to our (potential) customers and partners. We share knowledge, meet each other and get inspiration.”

Setting goals and working together

But how do you make sure that this target group connects with you and finds you during the trade fair? Successful participation in a trade fair starts with setting targets, says Jongejan. "The goals we have are: speaking to our existing customers and recruiting new contacts and potential customers that we don't know yet.”

In order to achieve these goals, ISM has found a good alliance with the WWV. Jongejan: "We discuss the possibilities of increasing our visibility within the target group with the organisation. In return, ISM provides sixteen knowledge sessions because we find it fun and important to share knowledge with our target audience. The WWV helps us to get the right content into the right rooms. That's very valuable to us.”

Networking and attracting new customers

For Jongejan and ISM, networking is central to the trade fair. If he had to sum it up in three words, they would be, "Inspiration, conviviality and meeting." This is more than just business and allows for a light-hearted atmosphere, which in turn is good for expanding your own (business) network. Jongejan's favourite feature of the WWV is "the atmosphere here. We talk to everyone here: partners, existing and new customers. So if you ask me why I would recommend other companies to exhibit at the WWV, I actually have a very simple answer: we get a lot of customers out of it every year.”

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