Joost Brugmans van Orderchamp vertelt over zijn ervaringen als exposant op de WWV.

“The fair is really well organised.”

Each new edition of the Webwinkel Vakdagen has new exhibitors. Companies that want to be part of the Dutch e-commerce ecosystem. Because, within an ever-growing market, it is necessary to build up brand awareness and to link up to the right suppliers. This also applies to newcomer Orderchamp. They had their first edition as an exhibitor at the WWV in 2020.

But CEO and Founder of Orderchamp Joost Brugmans is no stranger to the largest e-commerce trade fair in the Benelux. "Officially this is our first year, as we were established last year, but we have had a stand at the WWV several times with our previous company. That was from 2009 so if you were to add it all up, we've been here almost eleven times."

What Joost Brugmans of Orderchamp has to say

So Brugmans is no stranger to the WWV. "We became familiar with it online. We also know it from acquaintances, seeing and being seen - we've been part of the online community in the Netherlands for several years now.”

In short, Orderchamp provides a wholesale marketplace for the retail industry. Brugmans: "In our digital marketplace, we connect independent retailers and brands in order to remain relevant to local consumers worldwide.”

Become better known in the field

Because Orderchamp is a young company, its biggest goal is to become better known in the digital commerce field. Brugmans: "Branding is very important to us. We are also here because it is a great opportunity for lead generation. We talked to quite a few leads at the fair who are interested in us. At the fair itself we don't sell anything, so we really focus on getting to know new people. In doing so, we make sure they find us and understand a little bit about who's behind Orderchamp. We are a large online marketplace, so it is nice to be able to show who the people behind it are.

The WWV helps us achieve our goals because we meet a lot of people here who are interested in Orderchamp as a platform, who want to buy beautiful products. It is also a good opportunity to talk to all the parties with whom we partner. The WWV actually helps us on two levels.”

“The ideal fair for sourcing”

Rather than focus on a specific buyer, Orderchamp is targeting a wider audience. Brugmans: "What we are looking for is quite broad. Anyone in retail or F&B can buy from us. For retail companies, these are web shops or brick-and-mortar stores. In general, our main focus is on the physical stores, but what you see here - and we have known that for years, also from previous participations in the fair - is that the fair is attended by many online entrepreneurs with a web shop. Moreover, there are many physical entrepreneurs who are not yet online. So for us this is the ideal trade fair to get to know and source both profiles.”

“The fair is really well organised”

Brugmans has a number of reasons why he would recommend other companies to exhibit at the WWV, "First of all, OGZ is a fantastic team. We've known them for years. But more importantly, the fair is really well organised. The stands all look fantastic, they are well looked after. Another positive aspect are the visitors, this year too: It was fantastically busy, perhaps even busier than last year (in 2020, the WWV broke a visitor record: 13,641. ed.). It feels like a lively fair. Sometimes you have trade shows that you attend and you spend two days doing nothing - so much so that you have to bring a laptop to keep yourself busy. We also have those laptops with us now, but we haven't touched them yet. It really is an incredibly busy fair with a nice crowd where there is a lot to do.”

People who add value are here

Besides the 250 exhibitors at the Webwinkel Vakdagen, there is also a specialist programme with high-quality keynote speeches where the C-Suite shares its strategic insights, but that also provides companies practical and directly applicable tips and tools.

Brugmans: "What always surprises me is the high quality of the lectures. This also means that the lectures are always fully booked. We are nicely positioned along one of the lecture aisles, which brings additional traffic to our stand. Apart from that, I think the specialist programme is an interesting component. What's even more striking is that this is a fair where everyone from our industry is present. Important players who really add something for the online retailer are here.”

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