Janneke Strebus namens exposant PostNL aan het woord over hun deelname aan de WWV

“This is obviously a wonderful opportunity to create more awareness of your brand”

E-commerce has become considerably more complex. A web shop needs effective online marketing, a well-functioning website, a smooth payment system and a good delivery partner. During the Webwinkel Vakdagen these parties all come together to network, establish partnerships and exchange knowledge.

One of these logistics parties exhibiting at Webwinkel Vakdagen is PostNL. As one of the first exhibitors at the Webwinkel Vakdagen, they have gained a lot of trade fair experience over the past few years.

What Janneke Strebus of exhibitor PostNL has to say

PostNL really needs no introduction. And it is also no secret that PostNL is firmly committed to e-commerce (its goal is to generate 50% of all turnover from e-commerce by 2020). In doing so, the company is changing "from a traditional postal company to a logistics e-commerce service provider." With this in mind, it seems logical that PostNL has been an exhibitor at the WWV for many years and has even been a Gold Sponsor for a number of years.

Janneke Strebus, Marketeer e-commerce at PostNL, confirms this. Among her many responsibilities is setting up the stand. "In addition, I am involved in obtaining insights for shippers, such as Coolblue or bol.com. Think of track and trace code and insights into return flows.

For me this is the first year that I organise the stand at the WWV, following in the footsteps of my colleagues. I don't know exactly how it all started, but this is the biggest e-commerce event of the year and as PostNL we just have to be there.”

Visibility in e-commerce is a must

For PostNL, creating visibility is one of the most important goals at the WWV. In addition, one of the strengths of PostNL during the fair is that it can immediately connect new customers to its network. Strebus: "A lot of web shops come to this biggest e-commerce event of the year, so it is the perfect opportunity to talk to them and get them involved. In addition, we are available here for our customers to answer questions about delivery options, for example. Finally, we get a lot of questions about our services at the fair.”

At the WWV, PostNL focuses on all online shops. Strebus: "We have options from as few as 100 parcels a year that we can tailor to their needs.”

“This is where you come into contact with (potential) customers”

The answer to the question of why Strebus recommends other companies to exhibit at the WWV is clear: "Because you can really get in touch with your (potential) customers. If you're a small business, it's obviously a wonderful opportunity to create more awareness of your brand. But most of all, I think it's very valuable to engage in conversation with people. You hear what's going on, what the trends are. I also find the lectures very interesting - I hear all kinds of positive things about them. I think that is very valuable, that you really hear from experienced people - from Jumbo, for example, or bol.com - how they approach matters.”

Create brand awareness and stay on top of trends

What Strebus is saying is that you can both generate as well as learn something during the Webwinkel Vakdagen. That is exactly the purpose of the event: exhibiting companies come to add value, while also learning something from it. The knife cuts both ways, according to Strebus.

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