Interview met Mel van Lieshout van exposant Shopify

“If you are a serious e-commerce partner in the Benelux, don't miss the Webwinkel Vakdagen!”

The e-commerce landscape continues to change at a rapid pace. In addition, the competition is also increasing, as more and more companies see the many advantages of e-commerce. Likewise, more and more suppliers, platforms and payment companies are emerging. How do you make sure that your brand comes out on top and that you attract the right partners?

This is where the Webwinkel Vakdagen (WWV) comes in. This is the leading trade fair in the field of e-commerce, where all players in the Dutch digital commerce world come together. Or as Mel van Lieshout, Country Manager Netherlands of Shopify, puts it: "If you want to become known as an e-commerce party within the Dutch market, participation in the WWV is a must.”

What Mel van Lieshout of exhibitor Shopify has to say

Shopify is a major player in the field of online shops. The company offers "one platform with all the online sales and point-of-sale features you need to start, run and grow your online store." Van Lieshout: "We are an e-commerce solution for online stores in 75 countries around the world.”

Van Lieshout himself has been an exhibitor at the WWV for five years, the two last of which on behalf of Shopify. Van Lieshout: "If you look at the WWV in general and you are a serious e-commerce partner in the Netherlands or the Benelux, I believe participation in the Webwinkel Vakdagen is paramount.”

Variety of visitors

Having started out as a trade fair for online shops, the WWV has since grown into an event attracting a wide variety of visitors. Some of them work at a web shop, but the visitor profile has expanded to include b2b companies, suppliers, retailers and F&B. Everyone who is anyone in digital commerce comes to WWV, from start-ups to enterprises.

That's also one of the reasons why Shopify keeps coming back. Van Lieshout: "The type of visitors we focus on includes both existing and new partners. These are all people who are looking for a web shop platform, or are already on a platform but want to switch. That ranges from start-ups to large enterprises.”

You don't achieve your goals alone

Exhibitors at the WWV have different marketing goals. Shopify comes with a dual purpose. Van Lieshout: "The WWV is very good in terms of branding. You will also see that many (potential) partners exhibit at the fair and come to the WWV as visitors. So our goal is also to generate leads.”

As an exhibitor, Shopify doesn't have to do that alone: "The organisation helped us enormously, from building the stand to scanning new contacts with lead scanners. Throughout the process, they provide us with the tools we need to make it a successful trade fair.”

Open mind

The main reason why van Lieshout recommends other companies to exhibit at the WWV is because of the exposure. His favourite feature of the WWV is a logical extension of that. "For me, the favourite feature of the WWV is that both visitors and exhibitors come to the fair with an open mind. They are really curious about new developments going on in the e-commerce world. When they come to your stand, they are really interested in what you do and want to know what your product is all about. So for us, it's a great opportunity to bring in new customers.”

New objectives

Finally, Van Lieshout says the WWV is "a great opportunity to connect with each other and set goals for the coming year." For Shopify, the trade fair is primarily an opportunity to talk to new and existing partners and customers and attract merchants. So you can say that for Shopify the trade fair is suitable for generating brand exposure. According to Van Lieshout, the WWV is also the place to exhibit: "If you want to become known as an e-commerce party within the Dutch market, participation in the WWV is a must.”

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