Johan Smits en Rik van den Wijngaard van exposant Yellowgrape delen hun verhaal mbt de Webwinkel Vakdagen

“This is the only fair where visitors actually come to buy”

Participation in trade fairs is seen as valuable by many e-commerce companies. In just two days, they speak to their target group face-to-face, they put themselves on the map effectively and - not least - they generate new business. This is exactly the reason why Yellowgrape has been present at Webwinkel Vakdagen for the past few years.

Rik van den Wijngaard of Yellowgrape: "We decided to participate because this is where everyone from the e-commerce landscape meets." In this case they explain how they got to know the Webwinkel Vakdagen, what their goals are and what they get out of participating in a trade fair.

What Johan Smits & Rik van den Wijngaard of exhibitor Yellowgrape have to say

Founders Johan Smits, Managing Director, and Rik van den Wijngaard, Creative Director: "An e-commerce agency based in the centre of Amsterdam, Yellowgrape optimises traffic, data and conversion for clients." Yellowgrape combines "mastery with an unprecedented openness. We make everything clear, before and during the journey. Masterful, crystal-clear and as approachable as your local bakery.”

“During the WWV we focus on online shops with a turnover of around three million euros and preferably with international ambitions," says Smits.

“Everyon from the e-commerce landscape meets here”

The company has been present at the Webwinkel Vakdagen for five years. Smits: "We got acquainted with the WWV through Copernica, because we joined them at their stand the first time. Van den Wijngaard adds: "We decided to participate because everyone from the e-commerce landscape meets here, including logistics, agencies, partners, and tooling parties. In addition, this is the place where you can talk to prospects and customers. So it's a very important event for us.”

Attract new customers

Yellowgrape is at the WWV with a clear goal. Smits: "Our goals during the WWV are to talk to our current customers and partners and, of course, to prospects." In other words, to maintain and expand our network.

According to Smits, Webwinkel Vakdagen facilitates Yellowgrape in this. "We got to know a lot of interesting parties during the WWV, including partners we met here, as well as new prospects we met here and engaged in conversation.”

According to Van den Wijngaard, this is also the reason why he recommends other e-commerce companies to participate in the WWV. "Everyone from e-commerce is present here. You will get to know everything that is going on within the e-commerce landscape. In addition, you can speak to everyone, from logistics parties to new marketing partners, and you will find everything in the field of tooling. Everyone who's anyone in e-commerce attends. This is the only trade fair where visitors actually come to buy.”

See what is happening in the e-commerce landscape

According to Smits and Van den Wijngaard, there are several reasons why a digital commerce company should exhibit at the WWV. They expand their network every year and get new clients out of it. Yet Van der Wijngaard's favourite feature is "the great diversity of suppliers. This is also reflected in the stands. There is also a lot of creativity. Walking around, you can also get a very good feel for what is going on in the e-commerce landscape. Every year you can feel where the trends are going, what you can get out of it and what innovations are visible. You can see that very clearly at the fair.”

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