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Jan Klawer
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With 15+ years of experience in Digital, Marketing, Data, Transformation and Business Strategy in multiple geographies Jan co-founded and now works as CMO for 1-2 Taste. Jan has worked in multiple locations including Europe, the Middle East and Asia. 

"After so many other industries, the food ingredients industry is ripe for transformation: Procurement processes should be adapted to the current state of the 'world at large' where businesses large and small buy their ingredients through digital platforms. And it is exactly that digital platform which 1-2-Taste brings to the specialty food ingredients industry now. So therefore I am excited to add my '2 cents' to the very interesting journey 1-2-Taste is on." 

Jan is advising 1-2-Taste how to grow the business by reaching the right B2B audiences with (digital) marketing activities, follow the right strategies and continuously improve the experience for 1-2-Taste's customers. 

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